Mitch & Maddie

Twins. Gosh, I love twins. Fraternal or Identical, doesn't matter...any way you cut it, twins are fascinating and fantastic. Mitch and Maddie are not the exception to this rule...they are strikingly handsome/beautiful, wicked smart and TWINS (yay)!  We made it a family affair in Gruene, Texas and I so enjoyed my day of senior picture taking with Mitch, Maddie, Mom and Dad. Congrats to them and I wish them both the best of luck with the wild wonderful world of C-O-L-L-E-G-E.

(SIDE NOTE: I had a lovely side conversation with Maddie about how overwhelmingly fun college main examples: what a blast the process of writing term papers can be and how I miss the adrenaline rush of finals. Perhaps the "College is Awesome" conversation should have been with someone who could be found having a great time on a Thursday night someplace other than the library...)


I spent the afternoon in Gruene, Texas with two of the most beautiful woman I've ever known. Aedan, who is discovering her love for acting, and Aedan's mom, Denise - whom I've known and loved my whole life. To watch Aedan grow up has been an amazing experience, especially since it's happened more quickly than I thought was actually possible. It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon...

Isn't she heart-stoppingly beautiful??