photo by the amazing photographer and friend  Briana Purser

                   photo by the amazing photographer and friend Briana Purser

You found me...I'M SO GLAD! Nice to meet you, I'm Kate. I started as Kate Bowie, then I met a cute boy and now I'm technically Kate Bowie Carruth (which just swirled my worlds up in the most beautiful mess - changing your name is no joke.)  In the end, I have opted to keep the Bowie going strong and let it live on as my professional identity. 

But, you're here for business, so lets get to it. I love to take pictures. I love to take pictures of just about everything, but I especially love to take pictures of happy people who have a wonderful sense of adventure, an honest sense of humor and can find a little trust in the creative process...and maybe enjoy some high fives as encouragement and a hug instead of a handshake.  

I live 30 mins outside Austin, Texas in a little town called Dripping Springs (aka The Wedding Capital of Texas).  This location allows me to work not only in Austin proper, but also throughout the Texas Hill Country.  It also allows me to have baby deer named Dolly and Loretta as pets and avoid much of the famous Austin traffic on a daily basis. WIN / WIN. 

So, take a look around, let me know if you have any questions or want to meet up for some coffee and talk about a mutual love for Law & Order OR what you have in mind for some photographs. 

Can't wait...





You can also keep up with me (and my dog Birdie) on Instagram