Tim + Aly

I met Aly the day she walked in to interview for an internship with Peekaboo Boudoir. She was spunky and hilarious and talented and exactly what we were looking for. We spent a lot of time together in the next few months, editing photos side by side while HBO's Girls or the newest Radiolab episode was playing on my ipad. We talked a lot about everything...boys, life after college, life in general, photography, boys boys boys. When I say Aly and I talked about boys, what I mean is Aly talked about Tim.

Tim and Aly have been a package deal for as long as anyone can remember.

Aly has since moved on from dance parties and afternoon confessionals with the Peekaboo Ladies but we love her just the same and for always. I was honored to be asked to take their engagement photos, not just because she is a friend, but because who would turn down an afternoon with true lovebirds? (Also there was a lot of kissing between Aly and Tim PLUS a coral snake sighting about 18 inches from where my face was...all in a days work y'all.)

What a beautiful bride you're going to be sweet Aly!