Boise City, Oklahoma

So July was quite the doozy y'all. While on a wonderful Mom/Daughter adventure in Santa Fe, we received word that Maudie (My Mom's Mom) was on her way out of this world and onto the next. We rushed home early and missed her by 1 hour, which was devastating, only made better by knowing my Dad had been holding her hand during her last breath.

Ultimately, this lead to her funeral in her hometown of Boise City, Oklahoma. It's where she grew up, met my grandfather and got married. It's where our family roots still are - many of them graciously making an appearance at her graveside service. The trip to and from the funeral will forever be one of my favorite family memories, as it was a throwback to the classic Bowie family road trips (yaaaaay)...only now I am old enough to do the majority of the driving (booooo).

The trip was a last HOORAH in honor of Maudie - and we raise a glass of zinfandel while wearing red lipstick and toast to her feisty and beautiful legacy.

(photo by the amazing Briana Purser, whom I am oh-so-proud to call my friend and wedding photographer)

A few things you should know about this trip:

- it was made in our dear family friend's giant green passenger van - complete with the kind of tires that would take you to Hell and back with the extra flair of a kick ass grill (and bumper) guard.

- on the way up there my Mom had a fever of at least 101. By the time we got there my Dad had come down with Pneumonia and was sporting a fever of 103. Troopers...both of them.

- I videoed and photographed the entire trip, this is just a tiny selection of what I wanted to share. Most of the landscape photos were taken one handed with my iPhone while driving. Safety first y'all.

- my parents are super cute as evidenced by this video: