Miss Harper

Little Miss Harper. She's 18 months old now, which is amazing to me because I feel like she was born 3 weeks ago. WHERE IS THE TIME GOING? Harper is adorable and hilarious and full of sass - which she gets in excess from her mother :) She can give you the most beautiful serious stare, which makes me think she's either going to be a high fashion super model or one hell of a poker player. In reality, she has great potential to be either a rocket scientist or a cowgirl - I feel these are both totally viable options for her. We had a great morning full of playing the well known game "look at the camera and we'll give you a cookie," chasing the cat around her playroom, taking her brand new pink boots for a stroll outside and wrestling with her Mom while trying to dress her in the most beautiful Christening gown...fun had by all!

I adore this little one...Isn't she lovely?