A gathering for Poss

When I moved to Austin in 2004, my very first job was working on a reality TV show as a lowly PA. I walked in the production office on my first day (which was literally

the DAY AFTER I graduated college) and there she was...Kate Poss. We met, it was friendship at first sight and that was pretty much that. In the weeks, months and years

to follow we made a lot of trouble and had a lot of fun and always seemed to act surprised when yet another stranger cracked the "oh, it's two kates! it's kate squared!"...yes,

that one never gets old.

Last year my dear friend, who was born with the most adventurous soul, decided to quit her job and move to the Seychelles to become a Divemaster.  Her reasoning was

basically, "Well, why the hell not?" and we all hugged her and were insanely jealous and wished her the best. On the selfish side, I really miss my friend...but mostly, I am

so unbelievably PROUD and happy for her. She's my hero.

She is back in the states for a little visit and her family threw her a Welcome Home BBQ. Poss has one of the great families that you kind of want to inject yourself into and

hope they just adopt you - so I attempt to do that as much as possible. It was a wonderful gathering to celebrate her adventures that included BB guns, a giant pig named

Tinkerbell, a brisket made with brotherly love, ping pong and lots of laughter.

**If you feel like you need an escape from your job to daydream a little - might I recommend  you follow Poss's blog? It's like she wakes up in a screensaver every


*photo credit: kate poss

*photo credit: kate poss

*photo credit: kate poss

*photo credit: kate poss