My Best Friend's Family

I've been taking photos of the Buschman's (they have married last names now with adorable husbands, but they'll always be the Buschman's to me) since I first picked up a camera. They have been as supportive in my love for photography as my own family - which makes me a lucky girl.  I've watched them both grow - from falling in love and getting married to now their ever-growing families. Amanda and I, being best friends and business partners in Peekaboo Boudoir, spend an awful lot of time together as you can imagine. We spent just as much time together before the whole business became a reality, which really gave her the time to become my #1 most photographed subject - I'm thrilled to watch her become the awesome Mom I always knew she would be. Lesley Anne is like a big sister to me - which means I know her not-so-well kept secret...that she's actually Superwoman. Her family is about to grow by +1 very very soon and I can't wait to meet the new addition to an amazing family! Update: Shout-out to my tiny pal Sarah - let's do lunch soon and maybe you can show me how to build a princess castle correctly ;)