Moving Pictures

My new and totally radical friend Justin Taylor Browne makes pictures move. And he's really good at it. We met at our mutual friends' wedding, he was the videographer and I was the photographer. We totally geeked out about our matching 7D cameras and what kind of glass we were rockin', along with many more equally nerdy topics. We were SO nerdy that I think my boyfriend just turned and walked away from the conversation - I'd like to think it was because he couldn't handle how awesome I sounded talking in F-stops and ISO's, but it's more likely he just got bored and perhaps a little embarrassed of my enthusiasm over technology. Anyway, Justin and I became fast and nerdy friends. The wedding was SO MUCH FUN for everyone, bride and groom included. The Lost Bayou Ramblers played, the food was homemade and the beer was cold and plentiful. It was a perfect Louisiana celebration.

I will be posting some of my photos from the wedding soon, but I wanted to share his masterpiece with everyone. Are you getting married? Do you want a totally fantastic video of you getting married?

Call Justin Browne. He's your guy.