The Markham Fam

oh man, home sweet home. it's been so long since i've even let myself think about this sweet little corner of my online world, but it feels nice to touch base. In my absence, I've been SUPER DUPER CRAZY busy...more on that later. But for's time for some family fun.

This is one of my favorite families to be around. Mom and Dad are gorgeous and totally in love, and Mason is...totally awesome. He deserves a post all to himself because he 2 parts precious and 1 part pure entertainment. We met at Zilker Park and spent the afternoon rolling like logs down a hill, climbing all over the playground like monkeys and wading around in the fall leaves. I also learned that bribing little ones with chocolate ice cream guarantees a smile every single time. They are expecting a 4th member to their family very very soon and I cannot wait to meet her:)