A new chapter...

*Ahem* May I introduce my newest endeavor to my loyal 3 fans...(drumroll please...)

Peekaboo Boudoir

Let me explain...

First of all, I am in no way giving up on photographing normal public everyday things...such as: children, couples, parties, weddings, etc....the main reason being because I love these moment so much I can't let them go.

However, an opportunity has presented itself that I cannot ignore.

My best friend of over 10 years, Amanda, and myself have found ourselves in a very unique position to bring the ladies of the world some well deserved pampering and attention. I'm not talking about the ladies that get the attention all the time (celebrities we all follow through People magazine), I'm talking about you and your gaggle of lady friends who want the chance to flaunt it like you were in the pages of Vogue. There really are a million reasons to strike a pose and Vogue (thank you, Madonna), but a few that we seem to hear more often than not are, "I want to do this for myself..." and "I want to do this for my man." Both answers are correct. All answers are correct, and you really don't need a REASON per-se.

The whole idea came about when Amanda approached me to help her with a unique gift idea for her husbands birthday. She wanted to make him a Pin Up calendar made of photos of her in different outfits that he could hang in his 'workshop'. She wanted it to be classy, well-done with a touch of a throwback to the vintage pin-up girls of the 30's and 40's. After two days, 8-10 hours of shooting, 13 costume changes and many many glasses of champaign we were confident we had at least 12 images suitable for a calendar. We had conquered wardrobe crisis' ("i think that's on backwards"), posing challenges ("just HOLD IT amanda, i know it's painful but it looks FANTASTIC!), ego checks ("i love you, you're beautiful...now suck it in") and lighting malfunctions (there was an unexpected learning curve with my new strobe monolights).

The end result was so very very worth it.

He was thrilled. She was thrilled.  I was thrilled. She started showing off her beauty shots to everyone and we started getting excited phone calls from friends who wanted to gift their man with something equally as awesome. Thus, our booming boudoir business was born.

I have to be honest, there is more to it than hanging out with cute girls in their underwear (Sorry to ruin the dream, guys). We joke with the girls about how being a model is hard work, and everyone laughs, until about 20 minutes later when they're 2 minutes into holding a pose and they admit, "yes, this is hard work." Not to mention after a Peekaboo Party session, I feel like I've run a marathon followed by a swift hit and run by a city bus. THE GOOD NEWS: the reward is so much more than some fabulous pictures. I talked about it on our Peekaboo blog, but there's an incredible sense of confidence and pride that radiates from the girls after their session. They feel smokin' hot and it shows in their walk, talk and most importantly their smile. They come to us perhaps a little shy and nervous, but when they leave, they are struttin' their stuff like they're about to walk down a runway. I love that. I love that I can be a part of making someone feel that way. The best part is, we don't give them that feeling, we just help them remember it.

Check it out, spread the word, let me know your thoughts. I'm now a proud momma of two photo biz babies:)