sarah + hudson

sarah was my supervisor (that's a fancy word for "boss") at my very first internship in college. i assisted her at a small advertising agency in ft. worth and we spent our days in a windowless room writing press releases about farm equipment and singing along with billy joel on the radio. she was whip smart, really funny and smokin' hot - i remember thinking to myself, "i want to be just like her." after i graduated and moved to austin, we stayed in touch via the powers of the interweb.  one fine day, while on facebook, i saw some pictures posted by sarah of a strapping young man named hudson...pretty soon this hudson guy is in ALL of her pictures, including one of him kneeling and offering her a ring on a beach in mexico.

sarah's got the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen and hudson's looks are straight off the silver screen - they are that couple that makes you stop dead in your tracks and stare.

i wish them all the happiness in the world.