Iris turns 1 year old!

i have had the pleasure of knowing iris all her life...which has just passed the one year mark.  she's still one of my absolute favorite people to be around, not to mention photograph. i was a lucky guest at her first birthday party, along with some of her other favorite people...becks, in particular. he's the handsome little devil in the pics below...quite the charmer, i must say. this 1 year old had a roster of party attendee's that Rolling Stone magazine would be jealous of - lots of hot chicks and rock n roll stars...the most noticeable being her very own parents. these parents, shannon & travis, along with all the other parents that were there that day - they make me realize what a blast awaits all of us who are blessed with looking forward to "parenthood." watching them twirling and swinging their little people into the air, remembering what it felt like to be the adored and being struck with this undeniable excitement to one day pass along my adoration. (i am well aware i sound like a coming of age early 90's movie - but i am 'coming of age' sue me.)

regardless, here's to many many more postings for iris - i love looking forward to being a part of her sweet little life.