say hello to natalie. she is the girl that turns heads in directions that you never thought were possible. she also happens to be a volunteer for the peace corps, with the sense of humor and humility that only comes from growing up with two older brothers. she's down to earth, funny, a little shy, and oh yeah...she looks like a supermodel. she is part of one of my favorite families and therefore automatically awesome in my book. i happened to be in the neighborhood and she kindly agreed to let me take some pictures to help me build a portfolio ...and that is how it came to be that i spent a lovely saturday afternoon hanging out with the coolest chick in Vegas, taking pictures and sipping champagne. lucky me:)

ps. you know what the next best thing to looking like a supermodel is? taking pictures of a supermodel...especially when you have the las vegas desert "breeze" acting as your own personal wind machine.