Getty Calling...

"Getty Images - is a supplier of stock images for business and consumers with an archive of 70 million still images and illustrations and more than 30,000 hours of stock film footage. It targets three markets—creative professionals (advertising and graphic design), the media (print and online publishing), and corporate (in-house design, marketing and communication departments)." *Thank you Wiki

they emailed me. weird to get an email from the giant named Getty. weird...but crazy exciting. it's actually not a big deal, but for someone who just likes to take pictures and daydreams of doing it for money and a living, it was definitely a day / week / month / year happy moment maker. of course this means i actually have to be legit with the photos they picked - which means it's time to put my big girl pants on and start researching and mastering the art of model releases. luckily, all my "models" are my beautiful friends and family, so i'm definitely blessed in the area of access to supermodels. after all the signatures are gathered and uploaded, and the pictures pass their magical inspection process - my little pictures are gently launched out into the world for all to see and possibly earn their keep with some extra shiny pennies here and there. although i've decided that the money made off the pictures containing my friends will be donated to the charity of their choosing - because it wouldn't have happened without them and i can't take all the credit.

i received my second email from Getty today telling me i can put this totally rad badge of honor on my blog, webpage, forehead, and wherever else i feel like it - think of it as a girl-scout badge for camera nerds...and i will wear it with pride:)