surprise simone!

yet another batch of photos that have been playing coy with me...simone's birthday! and what better way to say 'happy birthday' than "SURPRISE!"? simone just happens to be the biggest new orleans saints fan on earth - and she earned it. the girl is DEDICATED...and it's fantastic. not everyone is lucky enough to find something in life to be that passionate about  - and i give her and her fan frenzy full credit for their superbowl win.

things i love in these photos:

  • ryan u.'s mustache
  • ryan g.'s dedication to keeping his drink safe
  • baby iris
  • mimmy's laugh

a lovely evening full of lots of laughter, crawfish and those amazing frozen lemonade iced tea [+ vodka] concoctions from the shuck shack...and the ever present "summer 'stache" :)