Sam's Burger Joint

San Antonio is my hometown. I spent 13 years there and never really left my little bubble. It's a great town. My dad could tell you every hidden treasure in the city - where to eat, what the uncommon history is behind some of the buildings, where to find the longest wooden bar in texas...little known tidbits that make the city great. Sam's Burger Joint is one of those secret tidbit places. First of all, they are a cheeseburger mecca for those of us that consider ourselves connoisseurs - AND - it's a really great music venue. in my humble opinion, there are 3 things that make music venues great:

1. a great sound system

2. a big dancefloor

3. clean bathrooms

having a place to sit down is always a plus - but we'll save that for bonus points.

the Lost Bayou Ramblers played a rare San Antonio show at this great music venue last thursday night...and it was a success! you can't go wrong with an evening of cajun music and cheeseburgers.