bad moon rising

the greatest toast i ever heard was given at my best friends rehearsal dinner. it started out by telling stories full of hilarious hi-jinx and  misdemeanor behavior that was encountered in the presence of the bride through many years of friendship. and then i heard something to this effect: "you'll have many friends over the years that know of possible skeletons in your preverbal closet...but your BEST friend is the one you called to help bury the bodies."  i am lucky enough to have multiple people in my life that i would call on to be my partner in fact, i have an entire family that are high on my emergency phone tree...the anderson/o'brien clan. last weekend my parents and i made the spontaneous decision to make a cannon-ball run down to port aransas for one night. the sole purpose was to bask in the glow of Team Anderson/O'Brien while spending some quality family time really, i guess that counts as two purposes - but you get the idea.  the day was full of sand, seaweed, kites and sangria...the evening held jambalaya, shadow dancing, and a never-ending flow of wine and laughter. the center piece of the entire celebration: the breathtaking full fat moon. this particular moon was epic. so epic, in fact, that it called for some sort of special celebration...something along the lines of dressing up in silly outfits and dancing on the beach at midnight.

dearest reader; if you have yet to experience the hokey pokey on a beach under a full moon with a group of  your most favorite people in the world...well, i say you have one more thing to add to your bucket list.

*please note: the photos of the wild dancers on the beach are courtesy of my dad - who was gracious enough to preserve the moment while we were getting our boogie on.