family ties

there is an old spanish proverb that says, "An ounce of blood is worth more than a pound of friendship."

the older i get, the more that statement rings true. you could call 1,000 people your 'friend,' but the one and only guarantee that any of the 1,000 friends will be there when you need them most, is if they also share the title of 'family.'

i grew up mostly as an only child - i have two amazing half sisters that i count as whole - but because i was a few years behind, i played alone for most of my childhood...and by played, i mean i read stacks of books quietly in a corner. we have a small family but our bond is tight. this weekend i had the pleasure of accompanying my mom to a relative's wedding in oklahoma. these particular relatives are from my grandfathers side of the family - needless to say, the last time i saw these people was when i was 7 year old bundle of awkwardness held together by some giant red glasses. my expectations were low, but i was happy and excited to go.

to say that i had an fantastic time would be an understatement. not only was the weekend a blast, but i was amazed at the ease and comfort level that was reached instantly, which only got stronger as the weekend progressed. to connect with something that is a part of who you are is a significant privilege - that up until now - was limited to my tiny but mighty immediate family. [i will also add that the memory of driving down the historic Route 66 in a white mustang with my mom is one that will rank high for the rest of my days.]

the beautiful bride is Katelyn - her groom is Aaron. her stunning sisters, Emily, Jessica and Shelby were bridesmaids. father and mother of the bride, Mickey and Lynn stood proud with the aunts and uncles cheering from the sidelines.

i feel lucky and blessed for the opportunity to share in the celebration.