danish dish.

oh copenhagen. land of the most beautiful people i have ever laid eyes on. beautiful as in, the garbage men look like they could possibly be dressed for a waste management themed Vanity Fair photoshoot by the famous and fabulous annie leibovitz. stunning. and NICE. everyone is so nice. oh to be danish. about a 30 min train ride outside of copenhagen proper is a little gem called the Louisiana Museum. it is probably one of the top 3 museums i've ever been to - AND - they let you take pictures of their permanent collection. because i'm such a rule follower, i asked 2 different people that worked there just to make sure, since everytime i took a picture of a statue or a painting i felt like any second i was going to get swept away into some back room to be seriously scolded and possibly sent home on the next flight to america. perhaps a tad dramatic...but my fear nonetheless. i must say...WHAT FUN to be able to take pictures of works of art...minus scolding.

i know it has taken a little longer than i planned to get to this set of the european vacation pictures...what can i say? life happened...and by that i mean i had to go back to work. boooooo. sometimes the real world takes a toll on your fantasy life. but sometimes that fantasy life makes the real life look just that much sweeter. the rest can be found right here - in case you would like to see some more pictures of famous works of art that i was ALLOWED to take:)