i am(sterdam)

there's something about being in europe for 2 weeks that changes the way you look at america once you've crossed back over that big old pond. it's a shocking revelation that we here in the US of A are not the coolest kids in the sandbox. amsterdam was a mix of old world charm, with a dash of modern storefronts and restaurants, sprinkled with the most beautiful people you've ever seen [with the exception of maybe the danish]. they love to speak english, which is only one of 3-4 languages they can fluently converse in at a drop of the hat. they are polite and stylishly simple. and their general appearance / daily activity level puts us lazy americans to shame. i was thoroughly impressed with the drop dead gorgeous women, running their daily errands in their tailored black pants and high boots, with 3 kids hanging off the front, back and sides of their precariously balanced bicycle. not to mention, these are my PEOPLE - i so enjoyed being around fellow members of the "pale-tastic" club...where tan skin was the minority, for once. in short, i fell in love with it and would move there in a heartbeat. i didn't take as many pictures as i thought i would - the weather was iffy, and i was busy actually looking around with my eyes. but i did my best to capture little moments here and there. we actually happened upon one of the biggest bike races in europe, on our way to a late lunch one morning. it was a fluke, and it put a damper on our sightseeing, but we decided to stick around and see what all the fuss was about...it turned into one of the highlights of the trip. these are a few of my favs - the rest of them can be seen here  {if you happen to find yourself in the mood for procrastination a la snapshots].