Playdate Extravaganza

Babies are magical. I know i've been tossing that word around a lot lately, but when i use it, i mean it. After one of the worst work days on record, I was committed to going home and curling up in a pajama-clad ball with some Law & Order and a bottle of wine. That was the gameplan until my best friend Amanda invited me over for dinner. The guests of honor were Sarah and Iris - both of whom i recently have had the honor of entertaining with my silly faces while i try to take the perfect picture. When i say babies are magical, i mean they are the anecdote for all bad ju-ju. Feeling sad or lonely or blue? Hold a baby for 2 mins and *POOF* you turn into a smiling, goofy, ball of laughter. They have this mesmerizing quality - and we could all learn a thing or two from their confidence and lack of knowing or caring whether or not they look cool. They can look at you, while in the middle of a drool session, and you just know they're thinking, "what? i feel sorry for you because you're not cool enough to pull off this look." And they're right. What i wouldn't give to still have the social permission to pull off a flash temper tantrum - get it all out, scream like hell for 20 seconds and then go back to being mildly entertained by a stuffed giraffe. I admire them. After an hour or so, all the leftovers from my bad day had disappeared - who needs L&O and a bottle of wine when you can play with MAGIC?