i'm with the band.

yes, that's right...i'm with the band.  well, technically i'm with the guitarist...but i like the other guys too. taking pictures for a bunch of guys you know, who happen to all be in a band together, might seem like a laid back low-pressure gig. i am here to testify that it is nothing of the sort. granted, we had a blast, and i even turned down my famous glow of 'embarrassment red' after about an hour - but - to please people you've never met is a walk in the park compared to the pressure of pleasing your friends. this might be because i care, or it might be attributed to some minor control freak tendencies...but we're going to go with 'because i care'.

and i DID care - so much.  they needed a image revamp...so i took a deep breath - got over it - and fired away.   the amazing lost bayou ramblers are known to play cajun music with a twist of rock and a side of 'hell yes'. it's the music you put on when you want to smile til it hurts and dance til you're too sweaty to be allowed in public. i've posted some of my favorites. there's a healthy mix of band, atmosphere and live music madness. here's to hoping you [and they] like them too.

**MAJOR CREDIT and MANY THANKS goes out to the owners and people of Lustre Pearl - they built this magical playland for photographers...also known as a kick-ass bar.