antique playland

in the previous post, you will find the flowers that were a product of my wonderful mom's birthday - and in this post you will see the product of my dad and i exploring while mom went shopping in Fredericksberg, Tx. if you are not familiar with Fredericksberg, it can be summed up with one word: antiques. when i was just a young little lady i remember being tricked into day trips to this haven for antique roadshow fans. my grandmother and mom would spend HOURS trolling through all the treasures that the neverending main street had to offer, while i would inevitably end up sitting on a swing next to my grandfather with a triple scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream, a pocket full of orange flavored gum, and a sunburn.  despite all my fussing, the end result was one of the most lovely and prominent memories of my childhood.

fast forward 20 years, and i find myself on the same main street, choosing adventure over the lure of the lace-filled storefronts, but this time with my dad. we wandered into Homestead on main street and all of the sudden i saw my dad as his 8 year old cub scout self. wide eyes and curiosity took over and off we went...powering through 3 floors of endless TREASURE. well, with a camera in my hand it all became treasure. when i was a little girl, i called it "boring" and "junk"... apparently, ice cream had a lot more to offer an 8 year old.