stunning seattle

my sister and her husband lived in seattle for the past few years, before recently relocating to a place where normal people who like sunshine might live...california. lucky them :) while they lived way up in this distant land known as the pacific northwest, i was lucky enough to go and visit a few times...always in the summer. of course, seattle in july looks like a different planet compared to seattle in say, the middle of february, but i instantly fell in love. when i told my sister this she replied, "yeah, it's a lovely place to be 1 out of 52 weeks in the year".  (i guess that explains why "a happy light" was on her christmas wish list two years ago.) but looking around i was in awe of something as simple as COLOR - i was drunk on it. it was everywhere and so loud and bright it almost hurt your eyes. i feel lucky to have experienced the rarity known as seattle in the sunshine. the two weeks i spent there yielded my favorite pictures i've ever had the pleasure of taking.