Okie dokie so here's the skinny on this type of session...because I KNOW  you have a million questions and they will possibly be accompanied with a slightly judgmental tone. BUT STOP THAT RIGHT NOW because there is no shame in the boudoir game.  

When I was first starting out, I decided one photo biz was just not enough, so started a side business with my best friend Amanda called Peekaboo Boudoir.  We wanted to give every lady a chance and a safe place to come have some beautiful tasteful photos made documenting everything that should be celebrated about being a WOMAN.  We got tired of looking at fashion magazines at the editorial spreads of Beyoncé and Jennifer Lawrence (and every other Starlet we love) and knowing there was no option available to feel a fraction of that glamour in our everyday setting.  So we created one.  

The word Boudoir historically has a bad wrap - it almost oozes with a cheesy early 90's Glamour Shots vibe, doesn't it? Well, you won't find that in these sessions, so if you're specifically looking for plastic looking airbrushed skin and awkward poses please move along...this is all about natural light, a modern setting and most importantly, you being your beautiful beautiful self. 

If you're curious, have any questions (I know you do - don't be shy), want to see more samples to make up your mind - just holler at me.