It's A Beautiful Day for Some Band Photos // Whalers

I love it when your past catches up to you in a good this case, it was in the form of an old college friend reaching out for some new photos for his awesome band. Dan and I had a few classes together in college, shared some mutual friends and both ended up in Austin working in advertising. I parted ways with the industry to move into photography and got a call from Dan a few weeks ago which resulted in us meeting up with the rest of the guys from his band the Whalers to take some quick band photos. Turns out I went to college with Kyle as well - although I was not lucky enough to know him back then - and share many mutual friends with Milos and Amir...always amazed at what a small world it can be. They release a new LP on April 8th called Submarine Sun which was featured yesterday by Filter Magazine and I could not be more excited for them!